How Vitamins and Supplements Work with your Diet ?

There are many people who actually always eat healthy, but those same people also think that they do not need vitamins and supplements. Many people also think that the nutrients in their diet are enough for them. It may be true in some cases, but more often than not, it isn’t. Researchers are learning about new vitamins and supplements all the time and how they work in the right doses to improve our lives. Almost always, you cannot eat all the foods that are actually needed to get the correct amounts of vitamins and supplements that are actually needed to function optimally.

So regardless of your diet, it is still recommended to take certain supplements, purely to supplement Remember that eating healthy means getting at least five servings of vegetables every day. If you can’t remember the last time you ate so many vegetables on a particular day, you’re not eating healthy. According to recognized government figures, only one in five adults gets enough vegetables according to the “rules”. One in five does not eat even one serving of vegetables in a 24-hour period. So suppose if you have a salad for lunch every day, that’s fine, but it doesn’t even come close to the five recommended servings per day.

If you only eat three meals a day, that means you should have two servings for lunch and three for dinner. If you’re not close to this, it’s best to take a multivitamin. Even if you eat a lot of vegetables, you have to worry about where they come from. The quality of the soil on which vegetables are grown is no longer what it used to be. This means that vegetables may not contain enough of the vitamins and minerals needed to maintain good health. The quality of the water also has a lot to do with how nutritious the vegetables you eat are. It is difficult to say what types of pesticides are used for vegetables that come from other countries with different agricultural regulations. The only way to get vegetables that have the right nutrients is to buy organic. Again, vitamins and supplements ensure that you are getting the right amount of nutrients. Vegetarians as a group are probably the healthiest eaters out there, but even they lack some nutrients. Vitamin B12, for example, can only be found in animal foods such as meat, chicken, fish and dairy products. So vegetarians should be especially aware of their vitamin B12 intake and learn more about the benefits of these supplements and others they may be missing in their diet. 

Most nutrition books assume that you eat your vegetables raw or at least lightly steamed. That’s the only way they can make any claims about the nutritional value of the foods they recommend that you eat. When you cook, microwave, deep-fry, or bake your vegetables, the longer they are cooked, the longer they deplete the nutrients. At some point, they have little of their original nutrients. If you eat out more than three times a week, you are really reducing the nutritional value of your food. Eating a salad is okay, but only if it’s a dark green salad. Iceberg lettuce does not count because it has no nutritional value. In fact, most vegetables in restaurants are so cooked and seasoned that they aren’t really good for anyone. If you eat out every day according to your work schedule, then you really need a multivitamin. If you look at a multivitamin, you will notice that there are at least twenty-two different vitamins or more in each dose. Each of these vitamins does something for your system that is unique and also essential for keeping your body functioning at normal levels. It’s best to take a moment to look up some of them on the Internet. You may be surprised how necessary all of them are.

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