5 Simple things anyone can do to stay healthy !

* Finally, make a meal that you look forward to. If you think of food as something to be enjoyed and savored, you are less likely to make mealtime something that you should ‘do’. Stop forays to fast food restaurants or put a frozen meal in the microwave. Take time to plan meals. Learn to cook or find recipes that are healthy. Prepare several meals and have them ready to heat. In general, eating healthy means making wise choices for your body. Wise choices arise from research into healthy food. There are many foods that are considered “superfoods” and they should be part of your nutritional routine. Almonds, avocados, low-fat milk, green tea, blueberries and raw or fresh fruits and vegetables, salmon, oatmeal, and melon are just some of the superfoods you can enjoy right now. In addition to eating healthy from food sources, we must be sure to include vitamins and supplements in our daily routine. It’s time to start taking your vitamins In addition to the suggestions for finding healthy foods to eat, getting the right amounts of vitamins and nutrients is just as important. Your body will need some very important vitamins and nutrients to not only stay healthy but also survive. 

* Research and learn about vitamins and supplements.

* As mentioned above, research on “healthy” foods and dietary habits is essential. While you are looking in that area, start researching your vitamin needs.

* Take a multivitamin every day. If nothing else, start taking a multivitamin every day. Read the label and make sure that:

* If you are pregnant, take a prenatal vitamin or a vitamin with folic acid.

* As a woman, you will be given the correct amounts of calcium for your age group and you will be watching iron intake. Women who are in menopause don’t need the extra iron.

* If you are male, make sure you are getting the correct amounts of lycopene that has been shown to protect and maintain prostate health. Now that we’ve talked about healthy eating and proper vitamin intake and supplementation, your body only needs a few more things to maintain good health.

Let’s go


Exercise is just as essential to good body health as good nutrition. Many of us seem to think we have to run 10 miles a day or spend hours in the gym working out to get the right amount of exercise. Experts have stated that we need exercise in the form of exercises that increase our heart rate (cardiovascular) and exercises that strengthen the body (stretching). Exercise should also be of the FUN type. Here are some ideas to consider when adding exercise to your daily routine.

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