Vitamins and Supplements for Obesity


Obesity, in its most basic terms, is excess body fat. Anyone who exceeds normal weight by 20% or more for their age and height is considered obese. This is the clinical definition, and no matter how you try to get it out, if it’s 20% higher than the norm when it comes to weight, everyone is clinically obese. This is different from being overweight. Being overweight is subject to interpretation, and being slightly above the norm can be just the way you are. Obesity is a medical condition and should be treated as such for health reasons. This is because everyone who is obese has quite a few health risks.

Vitamins for Obesity
Vitamins for Obesity

If you don’t get enough of the basic vitamins and minerals it needs to function, it will be more difficult for your body to metabolize fat. Taking a multivitamin is a good place to start because if you’re not eating healthy, it’s not just the extra calories that cause obesity, but the lack of nutrition in your body. Multivitamins are good for obesity because they are readily available, cheap to buy, and easy to take. They also provide most of the nutrition you need for weight loss. Vitamin B6, for example, removes excess water. Vitamin E is important for fat metabolism. Vitamin C is required for normal glandular function. The list goes on, but most of the vitamins and supplements in a multivitamin can help with obesity, including replacing essential nutrients when you lose weight.


Those who are obese are more likely to have kidney problems, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, pregnancy complications, and mental health problems. Some of the causes of obesity are glandular dysfunction, malnutrition, emotional tension, boredom, bad habits and a love of food. The main cause of obesity related to vitamins and supplements is the issue of malnutrition. This is because your obesity may be caused in part by your body not getting enough of the proper vitamins and minerals.

Researchers have also found other vitamins and supplements that can help with obesity. Studies have shown that weight loss can be enhanced by the use of the combination of the amino acids L-ornithine and L-arginine, enhanced by L-lysine. L-ornithine helps release a growth hormone lacking in adults that causes muscle building and fat burning. This combination works best when the body is at rest. In the same family of amino acids, L-phenylalanine is an appetite suppressant that tells your body that you are not hungry. These amino acids are all available at health food stores

MEdicine SPoon / vitamins
Vitamins for Obesity

Getting the right vitamins and supplements is the best place to start if you’re obese and want to lose weight, because getting all the nutrients you need will help you feel better. That’s when you will be more successful with a weight loss plan. Simply cutting calories or following a crash diet will only make you feel worse and may even put your health at risk.

Once you have the right nutrients in your system, you are ready for a diet and weight loss plan. At this point you can start with sensible eating and moderate exercise. Remember, when you start to lose weight, you can deplete your system of precious vitamins and minerals. Whatever diet you try, always keep taking a multivitamin; because cutting calories can also cut nutrients from your diet.


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