12 things we can all learn from a 2 year old..

If you ask a child about the adults around them, they will likely say that we are a bit crazy and often seem stressed. Here are a few simple things they can teach us …

1. Take a nap when you are tired.

2.Eat when you are hungry.

3. Don’t starve yourself, it’ll make you tired and cranky. Eat small pieces often to keep fuel.

4. Stubbornly refuse to eat one more bite once you are full. When you’re full after a few bites, happily throw the rest away.

5. Leave the table with a satisfied, full stomach and an eagerness to return to your wonderful life.

6. Be choosy and only eat foods you love. If it doesn’t taste good to you, clamp those lips shut and refuse to eat until something better is found.

7. Be amazed at how wonderful and wonderful your body is. Notice how it moves, hugs, plays, loves, heals, and enjoys life.

8. Run, jump, skip, play. Move your body because it is so much fun and it feels good. Be amazed at all the incredible physical things your body can do.

9. Wear clothes that are comfortable and feel good.

10. Appreciate the people around you for who they are instead of what they look like.

11. Hang out with nice, friendly people and stay away from mean, critical people.

12. Feel good about yourself, because why wouldn’t you? If you don’t have a two-year-old around right now, pick one out and watch them for a day. Their simple joie de vivre and their absolute respect for their own body is something to strive for.


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