Get clean on the inside first for a safe weight loss

I recently drove past the gym and I was really impressed with how packed the building was with people working diligently on their fitness for the day. Maybe that’s because it’s daylight saving time here in Los Angeles and everyone wants to look their best time of year.

Well, as motivational as this may be, and as much as I sincerely applaud their efforts, I couldn’t help but wonder how many of these clearly devoted people were concerned with not only the outward appearance of health, but also the inside.

It has been documented that people spend a lot of money on the new weight loss pill or supplement that is guaranteed to ‘make you eat less and increase your metabolism …’ and despite all the side effects the product can have, the average Joe still thinks this quick fix will do the trick. is worth risk.

What most people don’t realize is that most fitness experts and bodybuilders who use or endorse such products tend to atrophy and wear off prematurely as these bodies, enhanced by unnatural substances, tend to be virtually to degenerate.

Of course everyone wants to have the six pack and the muscular arms and stuff, and that’s fine and of course worth striving for if you want to, but what should be more important is how clean the inside of the body is. This may dictate more than one realizes how one feels and talks about a six pack, if one’s colon and visceral organs are free of excess weight and debris, of course a decent looking midsection will be evident. (Just food for thought)

The average person constantly carries 10-15 pounds of non-eliminated stool in their intestines. This in itself has a toxic effect on the blood flow. Autopsy experts have stated that in 60-70% of the colon examined, foreign substances such as worms and decades-old feces are still present.

Now, it is not my intention to fool you with the fact in the previous paragraph, but it is to hopefully make you realize just how much more important it is to make sure our insides are clean while we try to finish to fall, at least in the healthy way.

Now it is important to know that healing properties, not calories, as most diet fads claim, is the most important factor in choosing a diet for safe and effective weight loss.

Therefore, fruits, some carrots, and usually raw green leafy vegetables, which serve as nutrients and intestinal brooms, should form the basis of a healthy diet when trying to lose weight.

These substances will naturally serve to combat chronic constipation, which is the main indication of a blocked system. In addition, these are the items that provide someone with the most natural sources of vitamins, minerals and fuel for everyday life and borrow from a cosmic law of nature, since “you are what you eat”, it goes without saying that if you want a safe and healthy weight loss, these items are of course the best choice.


Sure, it’s a great feeling to see the amazing cuts in your ‘abs’ and arms when you look in the mirror, but you also feel good on the inside and knowing you’ve been thoroughly cleansed on the inside should just as well to be. much importance as ‘being ripped’ or slim.

Remember, the cleaner you are inside and the freer you are from toxicity, the faster you can and will achieve your goal of being in shape.

Here’s for health and happiness.

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