Get your body Ready for the Upcoming Summer ! Start Now

For a healthier you when the warmer weather rolls in, it may be wise to use S.P.R.I.N.G. thinking!

Start early: If you know that losing weight will make you more comfortable in more revealing fashions, consider a weight loss program now.

Plan Your Results: Science has found that a healthy rate of weight loss is no more than two pounds per week. So if you expect to drop 40 pounds in a month, you will be disappointed. Instead, use a realistic and specific weight loss goal to set yourself up for success. Identifying your goal will help you achieve it and can motivate you to keep making progress along the way.

Renovate your recipes: take your cake and eat it too. Simply replace unsweetened applesauce with one-third of the oil or butter in your cookie and cake recipes; the end result will taste just as good without the extra calories and fat. You don’t have to give up your favorite recipes, just look for little ways to make them healthier. Many websites, including, have “updated” versions of favorite recipes.

Decide which one is best for you: Learn about different weight loss programs and determine which ones best suit your lifestyle. For example, Weight Watchers’ guest policy lets potential members join a meeting for free to see what it’s all about – and to listen to members share what works and laugh at what doesn’t.

Navigate Your Neighborhood: Include a walk in your daily routine. Walking is one of the few activities that a person can benefit from at almost any fitness level. A pedometer can help you keep track of your distance and improve it step by step.

Measure Your Commitment: Many people think they would look better in their swimsuits if they could drop a few pounds.

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