What’s the BIG Deal about weight-loss anyway ?

Why is our society so focused on fat loss? Have you ever thought about it? Let’s do that in the next few paragraphs. Let’s try to break it down to reveal both the healthy and the not so healthy aspects of this fat-phobic craze.

Fat is viewed in a negative light in our society for many different reasons.

Fat is seen in the social arena as unattractive, both sexually and for lack of athleticism. That are the two most ïmported things in our culture, namely sex and sports. In this case, you won’t find fat ladies in bikinis gracing the covers of all the major magazines, including what is arguably the best example of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. You won’t find fat actors, although the people and events they portray are anything but thin and sexy.

Fat is also considered unproductive in terms of work and health, which often co-exist. Obviously for one person you wouldn’t find many fat people in physically demanding jobs because if they had those jobs they wouldn’t be fat and for the other as fat people they won’t do as well as thin and fit people . You don’t see fat mailmen , delivery workers ,or window washer etc. The only way to be successful in these areas is fat loss!

Fat people are also not that productive, even in jobs that are not that physically demanding. They are generally unhealthy and take sick days more often.

Obese people die younger from things like cancer and heart disease and diabetes and stroke. All this leads to fewer years of productivity.

Fat people are also less healthy mentally and emotionally, which is just as important in your career (whatever it is) as your physical health. The fact is, peopleprefer to be in charge of, work with, buy from and be served by people who are at least healthier attractive. This affects both social perception and actual productivity. Fat people are generally less fun to be around and less productive to be around. Fat loss is therefore also more financially productive.

The sad thing about all of this is that it’s often less the fat person’s fault than we skinny people like to think. We want to think that weappear lean and healthy because we work harder and are less addicted to food than obese people. What scientists are discovering is that this is farfrom true. The fact is, fat loss is harder for some than others because of genes, not work ethic or mental health, or whatever. So fat people are victims of discrimination based on something they cannot help, such as skin color.

So think about it and be more humble here than you are now, okay?

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