For the parents out there :) 7 Tips to Health and Weight Loss 4 your Kids

1 Role model – Your health and weight have a direct impact on your child’s health and weight. Children with only one overweight parent have a 25% chance of becoming an overweight or obese adult. If both parents are overweight, the risk of becoming an overweight adult jumps to 50%.

2.Be positive – Nobody likes to receive negative feedback. Talk to your child with compassion and encouragement. Instead of saying, “Lose weight,” say, “Let’s be healthy and start taking care of our bodies.” Focus on the foods you can eat, not the foods you can’t eat. Say, “Let’s go pick fruit and make a fruit salad,” not “Don’t eat that.”

3.Make Healthy Eating a Family Affair – A family that eats together, eats better, according to a recent study in the journal Archives of Family Medicine. Children who regularly report family dinners eat healthier than their peers who don’t, the study found. Also stock your fridge and cabinets with fresh fruit, nuts, low-fat cheese, and things everyone can snack on.

4.Eat Breakfast – A breakfast consisting of protein, starch and fat will keep your kids more alert during school time. Studies have shown that weight loss is much more difficult in people who skip breakfast.

5.Make Time for Physical Activity – Make physical activity a family activity. After dinner every evening in the summer, take a half-hour walk and make it an activity that kids look forward to. If you can afford it, enroll your kids in dancing or a sports activity they enjoy, because they have to enjoy it to keep doing it. Or just put on some dance music and have a dance party at home.

6.Don’t Say a Diet – Put your child on a diet and you prepare him for an eating disorder – be it binge eating, chastisement, or some other type of disorder. Lifestyle changes have been shown to be the most effective for weight loss and maintenance.

7. Avoid portion distortion – When serving the food, try to divide the meal into the dishes and avoid buffet or family style. When you’re exposed to so much food, your eyes are easily bigger than your stomach. Resist the initial temptation to take a few seconds and then check in with yourself to see if you’re really hungry.

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