B vitamins

Improve Your Brain Activity with Iron and B Vitamins

Iron and dementia

If a person is deficient in iron, they may have trouble holding a conversation or keeping their attention.

To absorb iron, the pH in your stomach must be normal, 1 – 2 pH. Under these conditions, iron in your stomach reacts chemically with other chemicals and prepares it for absorption into the small intestine.

Vitamin B And Iron
Vitamin B And Iron
Brain Actives

When you take medications to reduce the acid in your stomach, the iron does not react chemically and does not change for proper absorption in the gut. The result is iron deficiency.

Here are some of the best foods that contain iron.

Folate and B12 work to produce neurotransmitters and replace nerve cells. The lack of neurotransmitters is responsible for the loss of good memory.

To make sure that B vitamins work for you and keep your mental capacities up, make sure you get them through your diet or take them as a supplement. In addition, use the B50 or B100 complex.

It turns out that after a certain age, B12 does not help relieve mental changes or problems.

Here are some of the best foods that contain B vitamins.

  • fish and seafood
  • whole grain bread, cereals, oats and barley
  • chicken, beef, eggs
  • most green leafy vegetables, avocados
  • cheese, milk and yogurt
  • beans and peas
  • oranges, lemons, grapefruits
  • different nuts

It is always best to get your minerals and vitamins through your diet. In food, minerals and vitamins are combined with other chemicals so that your body can absorb them better than supplements.

Brain Actives

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