Some more about Natural Supplements – Help Your Body

Are Vitamins Necessary for Optimal Health? Most people don’t need them if they eat a healthy diet. Most vitamins are fine and not harmful. If someone is not eating healthy or is on a restricted diet due to illness, a vitamin supplement can be very helpful. Fruits and vegetables contain important vitamins and should not be removed from a diet unless directed by a doctor. In that case, a supplement would almost be necessary. Your body needs vitamins for it to function.

Should you get your nutrients from food or from supplements? - Harvard  Health

Most people think that vitamins are a source of energy, but they are not. Vitamins help regulate the body’s metabolism. Vitamins also help the food we eat release its energy. It is the food that provides our body with energy when absorbed and broken down into the nutrients the body can use. The body absorbs calcium more easily if you also take vitamin D. Most calcium supplements are already fortified with vitamin D. There are thirteen vitamins, all of which are important for optimal health. Vitamins E and C contain antioxidants. Antioxidants help release free radicals, which are high-energy particles. These high-energy particles damage healthy blood cells. Studies are now emerging indicating that the consumption of vitamins and supplements can help fight cancer and prevent other chronic diseases. The research is by no means decisive in this respect. Studies are still being conducted to provide us with the ultimate in health.

There is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Excess vitamins in your system can cause bleeding and negative interactions with some prescription medications.

Below are some vitamins and how overdose affects you.
Vitamin A – Too much vitamin A can cause neurological problems
Vitamin D – Too much vitamin D disrupts the body’s calcium balance, which can lead to calcium deposits in the body’s soft tissues.
Vitamin C – Too much vitamin C can decrease the effectiveness of other medications.
Vitamin E – Too much vitamin E can keep the blood from clotting and can cause other bleeding problems.

Vitamins are just one of the many tools available to us to help us get and stay healthy. Vitamins alone will not do this. A healthy diet, exercise, and regular health checkups will do this.

No one knows better than I the importance of eating well and taking care of my body. Like many others, I also tend to be attracted to junk food which is my own drawback. You don’t have to be an Olympic athlete to exercise. I also take vitamins and other supplements to help my body work better.

There are different opinions about vitamins, supplements and healthy eating. Vitamins are generally okay unless fortified with iron. The effectiveness of vitamins with iron is often hotly debated. Too much iron can cause iron overload and it is not ‘washed’ out of the blood as efficiently or at all. There is a disease called hemochromatosis that is deadly because it affects liver function. It can be controlled and include liver function tests. Controversy continues.

You have full control in this area. Do your research; there are a large number of websites that provide information about supplements and how they work. You should sit down with your doctor and discuss your options. He / she may recommend that you also meet with a nutritionist. Be smart and be healthy. A little knowledge is very good and in the case of vitamins, the more you know how they work and how they can be harmful, the safer and healthier you will be. Trust your instincts, know your body, and seek help when you need it. Eating well, getting plenty of water and common sense will help you achieve your goal of good health.

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