About me ..

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.. and my Goal(s)

Hello, I’m Erik from the Netherlands, Amsterdam area to be more precise!;) I just wanted to tell you a little bit about myself and how I ended up in this industry!

I started working as a window cleaner, cleaning industry, but unfortunately due to a fall from a 3 storie high ladder , during working hours I was completely rejected and i would never work again , doctor’s said ..


But , … shit happens!

Anyway, after a long rehabilitation process, I also got to know the side of nutritional supplements, and that has interested me so much that I have studied it further, and came to really special conclusions!

For instance , about perticular products / supplements that are not even available here that have really achieved very , very good results.

Having that said, my focus has been mainly on natural vitamins, dieting , and health supplements in general.

I mainly try to focus on the best products online!


  • Product reviews
  • What Buyers Say
  • Detailed Product Description
  • Any informative films about the product (If available)
  • In short, basically everything that can be found about 1 product, all on 1 handy page.


  • Hopefully it will give new readers context. To make a responsible and appropriate choice in the supplement product you are looking for.
  • Because this allows you to focus on your own life and achieve the goals you want to achieve.
  • In time MANY products will be treated like Skincare products and weight loss and diets, but also baldnesserection disorder supplements, Back pain and Arthritus supplements etc. etc.
  • I always try to post as current as possible information about certain supplements or articles.


  • I would like to give people clarity in the “jungle” of nutritional supplements
  • Main topics: The Product itself, Product reviews, Blog news
  • My goal is of course to reach as many people as possible who find this useful
  • Helping people achieve their goals, people will be amazed what some supplements can do for themselves, an acquaintance, a friend or a partner, a father or mother! For everyone there is a “miracle” supplement that can remedy those minor irritations, those minor (or larger) aches and pains that have been irritating you for years !! … There is really so much to gain from it, just finding the right supplements can be very overwhelming, and I try to clarify that.

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