Introduction to Vitamins and Supplements

Deciding which vitamins or supplements to take or how many are helpful for your health is a difficult decision because there are so many brands available today. The quality of these vitamins and supplements is also difficult to measure as many of the brands may not be known to the average consumer. So the best way to learn about the vitamins and supplements that may be beneficial for your health is to simply read about them.

If you have never taken vitamins or supplements to increase the nutrients you take in every day, it can be confusing to find the vitamins you need.

Vitamins and supplements are nutritional enhancements that span a wide variety of products and are available at almost any store. In general, vitamins and supplements are classified as consumer goods that are composed of, derived from, or byproducts of foods that are believed to provide a variety of health benefits. This definition also includes vitamins and supplements manufactured synthetically to mimic the same properties of these nutritional derivatives. The health benefits of vitamins and supplements are based on applications in both traditional medicine and modern research. Vitamins and supplements can be used for a variety of purposes.

It can be high in certain nutrients, used to cure a specific condition, or taken for an overall improvement in general health. While most vitamins are trusted for their health benefits, be careful not to set your expectations too high when you start using them. This is because some manufacturers are making false claims about how useful their vitamins and supplements will be. Keep in mind that while vitamins and supplements can benefit your health in many ways, they are not necessarily miracles. If a manufacturer makes claims that seem too good to be true, it probably is.